Help us enrich the lives of Jamaica’s children with disabilities

/Help us enrich the lives of Jamaica’s children with disabilities
Help us enrich the lives of Jamaica’s children with disabilities 2017-12-07T00:35:50+00:00

In Jamaica, precious lives are slipping through the cracks. Our government and the community are not doing enough to improve the lives of children with disabilities. There are at least 200,000 children living with disabilities in Jamaica that are being put at a disadvantage for no good reason at all.

Children living with disabilities are less likely to get an education, and access to rehabilitation programs is incredibly difficult. At the Nathan Ebanks Foundation, we are determined to make this change.

For 2018, The Nathan Ebanks Foundation is seeking to establish an afterschool Special Needs Enrichment Program that will give the much need access to functional development to 20 children.
The NEF has an extensive and credible history supporting children on their journey to a more independent life since 2005, and we’re ready to make this impact greater in a real, on-hands way.

The program will provide developmental activities that will allow children to enhance and improve their skills. The children will work with trained professionals, who will provide functional development activities including daily routine training, communications training, and even a once weekly Robotics program!

There are six developmental skills in our focus:

  1. Fine motor skills
  2. Gross motor skills
  3. Adaptive skills
  4. Cognitive skills
  5. Social skills
  6. Communication skills

Help us make the lives of the able more capable. This is only the start on our journey to supporting a much larger community. Help us get there faster by donating today to our program!


Refurbishing (*): $10,000

Labor:  $3,500

Furniture and Supplies: $6,000

Rent and Utilities: $3,000

Staffing and overheads:  $15,000

Total: $37,500

(*) 2,500 sq space to improve accessibility to accommodate the children

We’re looking for the support of our community!

We’re aiming to begin refurbishing in January 2018 and plan to have the first batch of 20 children by March 31, 2018.


With your help, the Jamaican community will be a more inclusive and empowered one. Support us today for a brighter tomorrow!