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In pursuit of a more fair and just world for these children, we advocate, educate, and work to rehabilitate in their name everyday.  In the past year, the Nathan Ebanks Foundation, has helped improve the lives of more than 500 children! We have reached more than 1,000 parents, policy makers and other childcare workers.


While this is an incredible figure, there are still hundreds of children and families we haven’t been able to help yet.  But if we can spread the message of awareness, all things are possible!

Backed in part by the United Nations Foundation, this day invites you to celebrate the holiday season by giving back, and to spark change and development in communities around the world.

Give the gift of ability, progress and hope to more than 1,000 children living with disabilities. Jamaican children deserve a brighter, more inclusive future, and with your help – this future is possible. Together, we can make a difference!