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child_playing_on_slideYour support could be the difference between a child in Jamaica continuing to live in total isolation or realising his or her full potential.

In life we all wear different hats. Maybe you represent a business, maybe just yourself. Perhaps you want to get more involved; maybe you just want to be kept informed. You might be a parent yourself, be touched by disability, or be a social justice fighter without whom this world would be a worse place. Whatever hat you wear, we could sure use your help in the form of a donation. There’s a donate button to the right of this text which will redirect you to the NECAG geared up to international donations.

Ultimately, though, we would really like to build a long-term relationship with you. We would like to keep you informed on how we are changing the social landscape in Jamaica and give you the opportunity to not only sponsor that change but shape it forever. A donation of any form, if you would like, would at least enable us to keep you informed.