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all_villages_matterAll Villages Matter Campaign

If the proverb is true that it ‘takes a village to raise a child’, then this village carries even more weight. Children and families living with disabilities in Jamaica have virtually no support around them. They lack any sense of community – so we want to build one for them. All villages matter. This one more than most!

The village developmental centre pilot project seeks to establish a support framework for children with physical and neurological disabilities in Jamaica. With your help we want to establish a multi-purpose development centre, using a community-based model, to provide development services and support that includes art, music, physical, speech and language and occupational therapies.

When completed the centre should act as a beacon project – setting a benchmark for any similar projects that succeed it with best practices no support material readily available for the government and other key social players.

The Gift of Hope

The Nathan Ebanks Foundation’s 2016 Christmas campaign is called the “Gift of Hope”. This year’s Christmas appeal sees us reaching out to donors to help us put as many gifts as possible under our organisation’s digital tree. As contributions come in, our tree will gradually light up to represent the kind donations we have received.

10 dollars buys a Christmas meal

20 dollars buys a present

50 dollars buys a stocking

75 dollars buys a santa sack

100 dollars buys a hamper

These contributions all represent a “Gift of Hope” for the children living with disabilities in Jamaica.

With 10 dollars, we can buy a child with a disability a christmas meal

20 dollars can buy a child with a disability a small present tailored to their individual needs (a book for those that are visually impaired for example.)

50 dollars can ensure a child with special physical needs receive a session with a trained physiotherapist.

75 dollars will pay for a struggling parent to receive desperately needed training so they can understand and help their child.

And 100 dollars will sponsor a group of 5 children to attend a christmas party – often a rare opportunity to leave their home.