What we believe in

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Nathan Ebanks looking very happy in the foundationOur vision

is to see all children, regardless of their abilities or the challenges they face, given the opportunity to develop, thrive, learn and uncover their own unique gifts, thus fully achieving their potential and leading a productive and happy life.

Our Philosophy

At the NEF, we believe that all children and young people, with or without disabilities, are equally entitled to the level of social inclusion, education and care that fulfils their fundamental human right to live a dignified life with the freedom and autonomy to pursue their own path and achieve their optimum potential.

The Mission

of the Nathan Ebanks Foundation is to support the holistic development, health, education and overall quality of life for children and youths, with disabilities and other special needs in Jamaica

Our Values

At the heart of NEF are the people: children, parents, employees, volunteers and everyone supportive of our work. We stand strong united by the common values of love, integrity, inclusion, equality, brotherhood and empowerment.