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  • 2004 A beautiful new life comes into the world: Nathan Ebanks is born weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces.
  • 2005 Nathan is diagnosed at 9 months with cerebral palsy.
  • 2007 Christine Staple-Ebanks launches her work through the staging of the 1st conference for parents entitled “Building a Brighter Future for Children with Disabilities in Jamaica”. 65 parents, early childhood teachers and volunteers attend
  • 2007 Jamaica signs and ratifies the “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” but must wait another 7 years for any national laws on disability to be passed.
  • 2008 Nathan Ebanks Foundation stages its 2nd conference – Teaching Children with Disabilities in Regular Classroom. The NEF forms its first international partnership with Full Circle Systems Inc (from the United States) for this conference.
  • 2009 Christine registers the Nathan Ebanks Foundation.
  • 2009 The NEF organises its 3rd conference which was one the most successful special education conferences of its time entitled: All Villages Matter™
  • 2010 The NEF is appointed by the cabinet to sit on the National Disability Advisory Board
  • 2010 The NEF organizes “Falling through the Cracks”, its 4th Conference and 1st training institute – Empowering Boys to Succeed”.
  • 2011 The NEF hoted the 5th Conference – Gender Difference in Education done in partnership with the Gurian Institute
  • 2012: The NEF organizes its 6th Conference – Steps to Independence done in partnership with M.O.V.E. International, and Jamaica’s first special education learning expo touching more than 500 individuals
  • 2013 The NEF Organizes its 7th Conference – Reaching and Teaching All Learners.
  • 2014 Jamaica passed its first Disability Act
  • 2014 The NEF rolled out its 2nd training institute and Jamaica’s first Special Education Train-theTrainer Module entitled “Teaching Students with Exceptionalities in Mainstream Classrooms”. The institute was commissioned by the Ministry of Education, and rolled out to 30 master teachers who are expected to train a subsequent 2,000 teachers over 3 years
  • 2015 The NEF launches its 1st International Conference on Inclusion entitled ‘Inclusive Education: Whole Child Approach to Learning and Community Engagement” and the first Accessibility Expo
  • 2015 The NEF hosts Leadership Connections™: A national roundtable on Disability Inclusion. The outcome was the development of a draft framework for disability inclusion, which is now in use by the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities
  • 2015 A huge break through: The NEF successfully lobbies the Ministry of Health to dedicate a day in May to be known as “National Children and Adolescents Mental Health Awareness Day”. This day will be observed as the 4th Thursday in May going forward
  • 2015 Christine Staple-Ebanks’ book “Raising Nathan: Every life has a story” is published. One of the few pieces of materials written by a Jamaican parents and serves as a major advocacy tool
  • 2015 NEF rolled out its 3rd training institute – Rehabilitation Aide to Support Children with Disabilities. The first group of Aides trained have been placed to provide on the job training and support to caregivers at the West Haven Children’s Home in Western Jamaica
  • 2017  Plans are on the way for the 2nd conference on Inclusive Education
  • 2010-2030 Vision 2030 Jamaica National Development Plan is an ongoing initiative to afford the people of Jamaica a long and prosperous future. Education, social infrastructure and inclusion are key topics for development action