What we do

A Caregiver asisting a child at the Nathan Ebanks FoundationThe NEF supports children and families whose lives are affected by disability and special education needs in Jamaica.

We provide practical support directly to parents, caregivers and teachers to upskill, and improve the level of care, management and support of the children in their daily lives, both at home and in school. In addition, we:

  • liaise with schools to improve CwD’s access to the same built environments, teaching and assessments as other children.
  • work to bring to Jamaica proven practices in teaching CwD.
  • represent the interests of children and families to policy-makers and at every level of society to promote social inclusion.

The NEF is mandated by its Executive Board, to meet a number of objectives as follows:

  • Train policy-makers, parents, teachers, professionals/non-professionals and administrators in disability inclusion and special education accommodations
  • Advocate at all levels of society – government, media, and private sector so as to broaden the base of support for children living with disabilities
  • Partner with individuals, organisations and key local institutions to deliver developmental services to children and families
  • Research key sector issues to inform policy-makers and local practitioners
  • Support the nation’s educational institutions and agencies in the creation and integration of individualised learning plans for children with disabilities