Our Services

Disability is a specialized field. In order to get the right results, it requires a specialist approach. The Nathan Ebanks Foundation is a disability and inclusion specialist. For almost ten years, we have contributed significantly to government policies, capacity-building, public awareness and education, advocacy, and building out of accessibility supports in our society.

Our Training and Consulting Division offers research-based learning opportunities including conferences, professional development workshops, in-service presentations and workshops, web-based services, and other capacity development for early childhood, primary/preparatory, secondary and vocational institutions, dedicated to reaching all learners.

We also offer to businesses a unique range of disability services  and tools to help businesses and organisations become disability-smart.

View a list of our most popular courses, workshops and presentations:    

  Schools and Learning Institutions

    The NEF Signature Series:

  • Introduction to Inclusive Education: Meeting the Need of Every Child
  • Differentiated Instruction Workshop (Available only on a Friday)
  • How Boys and Girls Learn Differently
  • Growth Mindset for Teachers
  • Introduction to Special Education Needs (SEN)
  • Teaching Students with Diverse Learning Needs (Available only on a Friday)
  • Enhancing Critical Thinking in Students


  • Growth Mindset for Parents: Teaching your Child the Strategies for Success
  • Help me with my Homework Please! ©
  • Jack’s Brain, Jill’s Brain: How Boys and Girls Learn Differently
  • Navigating the Special Education Landscape in Jamaica


Parent and Family Engagement:

  •  Parenting 101: Developing Effective Parenting Skills
  • The Gift that is My Child
  • From Emotions to Advocacy: Basic Advocacy Skills
  • Raising 12st Century Children
  • Raising a Child with Special Needs

For Businesses: 

  • Disability Awareness Training
    • Impairment-specific awareness training
    • Introduction to disabilities
  • Disability-smart customer service
  • Mental health awareness/sensitization

Consultancy service:

At the Nathan Ebanks Foundation, we take a collaborative approach to consultancy.  Our expertise and understanding of best practice is based on more than 10 years’ experience of working with a broad and diverse range of persons with disabilities, and an interdisciplinary team of professionals who serve them. 

We will work with you to understand your organisation, your resources, services and needs.  We will then tailor a program of work to deliver Disability-smart solutions that work for you. We always develop a strong evidence base to support our work, seeking to highlight the voices of children, youths and adults with disabilities, to help inform your decisions.

Give us a call today at 876 622 7600 or send us an email at info@nefjamaica.org